Monday, April 7, 2014

Defining success

"Be careful with the way you measure success." This quote was a very powerful one and it has stuck with me for a while. I heard it during football practice one day while a retired football player was giving a speech. He learned this his first year playing for Michigan. The year before he was one of the best running backs in the country. He was used to getting the ball every play and showing what he could do. But when he got to College they wanted him to be the full back witch makes the hole for the running back. After his first game he was really disappointed because he only got a few carries and a few yards. He thought that he had failed because he wasn't getting the yards. This changed when he got to the film room and play after play the coach said his name and how well his blocks were. This is when he realized that he hadn't failed at all, but completely succeeded. This is why I like this quote. Instead of seeing the downside of what happened, think about where you started and how far you've made it and decide if that was a success for you.
     Throughout my high school career I believe I was successful in school and my sports.In school i could say that I failed because i got one B. But i look at it as the class that i got a B in wasn't required and i choose to test myself in so i call that B+ a success. Also it wasn't like it was a low B, it was a 89 something. I also believe i was successful in football. In middle school i barely saw the field and now I'm playing football at Trine University next fall. Looking at things from the successful side can help motivate you and drive your success even more.


I define success as something you work for. The more hard work you put in to something, the more successful you will end up being. Putting in the hard work in sports is one thing. Say you want to play a college sport as in football, baseball, basketball, etc. You are going to need a good amount of athletic ability to reach that level. You are going to have to be successful in the weight room, and on the field/court. 

Some areas in my life that I have been successful is on the baseball field and in school. I have maintained a good grade point average all throughout high school, and I will be playing college baseball next year at Adrian.

I have achieved this success by putting in time on the baseball field every day up until baseball season is over. I will get up in the morning and come up to the high school and taking batting practice and get a lot of reps in before a game. I also play on a couple of teams over the course of the summer, which helps with my overall game. In school I put in the work studying.....sometimes. And of course doing my homework 24/7.................... 

The picture below is of a college football player being drafted in the NFL draft. He worked for this moment and now he will become a successful NFL football player.

Failure to me is when you don't reach a goal you want to achieve or you aren't successful at what you are doing.

Some of the areas in my life that I have failed at is not having above a 3.5 GPA in high school. A 3.4 is not that far away, but I know for a fact that if I put more time in to homework and studying I would achieve a better grade point than a 3.4. But who does homework....

Laziness has led to not having a GPA that is above 3.4. I get so caught up with video games and TV and naps and relaxing that I don't ever feel like doing homework. I am to blame for that but the laziness will go away as soon as college hits. I am expecting a rude awakening when it comes.

Success and failure both motivate me to do better. When I am successful, I want to keep being successful. It's a good feeling knowing that you are successful and you want to keep on doing it. When you are failing, you obviously want to stop failing. You work hard to get past the failure to become successful.

Genius hour has been a breeze. It is pretty simple looking for interesting or popular dances to study/learn/go over, etc. There hasn't really been any areas that me and Rourke have failed at during this genius hour with finding the dances and posting about the dances. One thing I would change maybe about this genius hour is making the blogs a little bit longer. Other than that i wouldn't change anything about it. If we have all of our requirements and the right amount of blogs at the end of the project, I will know that me and rourke have achieved our goal with this genius hour.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Cupid Shuffel

Cupid Shuffel

This is a fun song played at almost every high school dance. It gives everyone a chance to dance even if you ain't got rythym.

1) Step 4 times to the right.
2) Step 4 times to the right.
3) Kick your right leg up to the heel and then your left repeat twice.
4) During the walk it by yourself part just walk in place and turn to the left. 
While doing this dance you really just have to listen to the words of the song and do what it tells you. The step by step will just give you a better idea of the song.

Cha Cha Slide


The cha cha slide, to me, is one of the most fun, simplest dances someone can learn. All you have to do is listen to the words of the song that the one guy is singing and follow along.

A link to this dance is right below what I have written here.

It is very simple. Try it out sometime on your own. If any of you would even do that.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Shaking up todays blog


For todays blog im taking you out of the dance room and into the weight room. If your going to be a good dancer haveing big arms definatly helps. They both atract attention and make some dance moves and holds easier. 

Arnold has a lot to say about arms and you can definatly tell why.

He was all about seeing yourself the way you want it to be as you lift. He bleieved that you had to have a lot of positive self talk to lift the way you wanted to.This quote from Arnold is a perfect example of how he did what he did.

 "In my mind I saw my biceps as mountains, enormously huge, and I pictured myself lifting tremendous amounts of weight with these superhuman masses of muscle."

    A lot of people think "curls for the girls" but arms are a lot more than just your bicepts. He talks about how your bicept is 1/3 of your arm while your tricept is 2/3 of it. Its very important to develop your arms equally and remember to work the tris. 
      Another problem with lifting your arms is that they get used to the excersise very quickly and pretty soon it wont help you improve. The way to overcome this is by "shocking" the arms with changes and variations in your lift. Some ways to do this is by switching up weight amounts, adding reps and sets, speeding up training so as to lift more forcefully, decreasing rest between sets, performing unfamiliar exercises, and doing your normal exercises in an unfamiliar order.
    While doing curls or tricepts you have to use perfect form so you can isolate the muscle. Even though he praises perfect form he also says its a good thing to cheat. Its not the same cheating you think of though. After you cant do anymore reps with perfect form you cheat by using your body to get the bar up. This helps wear the bicepts out part the point where they cant go anymore.

    Some perfered exercises of Arnold are "concentrarion curls" and "arnold curls."

Monday, March 10, 2014

Break Dancing

Breaking it down

Break dancing is also known as B-boying or breaking. Its a style of street dance that was first originated from young Black and Puerto Rican  youths in New York City during the 1970s. After this the dance spread across the world especially through South Korea, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, and Japan.

This dance is very versatile and can be changed and modified in many ways. Their are 4 main kinds of movements: Toprock, Downrock, Power moves, and freezes. While break-dancing you usually dance to hip-hop, funk or break-beats.

A nickname for someone that break dances is a Breaker.
Break dancing takes lots of strength in your core and small muscle groups and joints.
Good workouts for break dancing are pull-ups, inverse push-ups, and ab roll-outs.

The best way to get better at this dance is practice and learn in a class. Its hard to do it based on pictures or guidelines. Its best to learn by doing with this dance.

Nae Naeeeee


The Nae Nae, one of the most weirdest dances I have ever witnessed. If you have never seen what it looks like, take a look at this wonderful gif image I have pulled off of google images.

If you have trouble sounding out the name of the dance, just think of a horse. (Naaaaaayyyy)

Just another reason why this dance is really pointless and makes you look like a complete idiot. Just look at this football coach.

This "dance" just makes no sense to me.